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Elegant, Custom Made Stained Glass for Wichita Falls

Fort Worth Stained Glass is proud to provide elegant, hand-crafted stained glass windows to Wichita Falls, Texas. Our studio is the largest and most highly recognized stained glass manufacturer in the United States. With a regional office close by in Fort Worth, we are easily able to accommodate the requests of customers in Wichita Falls.

We are proud to offer our services to the beautiful community of Wichita Falls and create elegant stained glass windows for the churches, homeowners, and businesses who reside here. Our work ranges from elaborate ecclesial pieces for sanctuary rooms to simple, elegant sidelights for entryways, in addition to stained glass repair and restoration.

Experience the Scottish Difference for your Stained Glass Project

The owner of our company, Martin Faith, made his beginnings in the world of stained glass from a young age and grew up learning the art in his hometown of Glasgow, Scotland. Martin brought with him incredible knowledge of traditional techniques as well as modern methods of engineering when he moved to the United States, where he started his own company. Our team continually strives to honor the traditional methods of glass making established by our predecessors while also integrating modern technology to make our stained glass windows absolutely flawless in their appearance and structure.

Residential Stained Glass

Our company provides a unique experience for homeowners, collaborating closely with our clients from the very beginning with an onsite consultation and then remaining in constant communication thereafter. When creating stained glass windows for Wichita Falls homes, our goal is provide our clients with a work of art that is not only beautiful, but meaningful and special. Whether we’re installing privacy leaded glass windows for your front entrance or bathroom or colorful stained glass pieces for your kitchen cabinets or dining room, we’ll work with skill and precision to ensure that your stained glass is perfect down to every last detail.

Commercial Stained Glass for Businesses

When working with commercial clients, we approach each project with the belief that every business is unique. Therefore, we work hard to create commercial stained glass windows that reflect the Wichita Falls businesses we serve, taking care that the design matches the personality and brand of the business as well as the architectural style of the property. We are able to accommodate the needs of almost any business. Our commercial stained glass work ranges from simple hanging signs for window displays and entrances to entire stained glass domes, ceilings, and multiple windows.

Religious Stained Glass

We specialize in the production of custom religious themed stained glass windows and proudly serve Wichita Falls churches, temples, cathedrals, and religious institutions. Our stained glass windows bring joy and beauty to the churches we serve, acting as a reminder of spiritual values and celebrating the bliss of a spiritual existence, enhancing the experience of worshipers. Whether you need stained glass repair or restoration for your historic church or are looking for a studio you can partner with for the construction of your church, we can provide you with the expert assistance you’re seeking.

Get the Guidance of Skilled Stained Glass Restoration & Repair Experts

Wichita Falls is populated by more than a handful of beautiful historic churches from the 1800’s. Stained glass is a prominent feature of historic churches and with the right care, can be preserved for hundreds of years. Our team is highly skilled in the art of stained glass restoration and can assist your church with all of your historic preservation needs. We’ve worked on church windows suffering from a variety of issues, from minor chips and cracks to extensive wind damage. We’ll help you determine the best means for preserving your lovely stained glass and restoring its beauty.

Wind Damage Repair:

Stained glass windows can be damaged by strong winds, such as those that accompany tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. The intense force of the wind or pressure differences may cause the glass to be pushed out of place. This puts strain on the leading and steel framing. We can repair wind damaged windows by replacing the leading and repairing damaged sections.

Hail Damage:

Hail is just as destructive to stained glass as it is for car windshields and ordinary windows. While small hail may not do as much damage, large hail can cause catastrophic destruction. Sometimes the damage is so severe that it is almost impossible to discern what the windows looked like before. However, with some research and investigation, we are often able to recover the original design, and return the windows back to their normal state.

Failing Lead Caming:

All stained glass windows are held together by metal structures called caming, which is usually made of lead. Lead is a very hardy substance, but does eventually wear down after being exposed to the elements. Leading that is bent or distorted should be replaced to avoid further complications. We use minimally invasive techniques to repair deteriorating stained glass to ensure conservation of historic works.

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Fort Worth Stained Glass is the leading stained glass studio in Wichita Falls. If you are interested in obtaining a stained glass window for your home, church, or business, we would love to hear from you. Call us today to get an estimate or a quote for your project.