Fort Worth Stained Glass Restoration & Repair

Stained Glass Restoration & Repair

Many beautiful and historic windows have been repaired and restored over the years by Scottish Stained Glass in San Antonio. While we know most stained glass companies turn away this sort of work we are happy to repair or restore anything from the wonderful historic cathedral window to the homemade piece of stained glass your mom made and gave you for Christmas.

The Best Option For Stained Glass Restoration

Normally if a stained glass window is less than 50 years old it can be repaired simply and inexpensively. If the lead camping is still in good condition then it`s just a question of replacing the broken piece. For windows, over 50 years old a full restoration may be required. This involves taking the panels completely apart and then saving all the glass to be reused. All the lead will be replaced and as the panel is rebuilt the old glass is reused and any broken pieces are matched for color and texture. The result is a stained glass window that will last another lifetime.

The old masters of stained glass worked entirely by hand and with glass cutters and equipment which was far inferior to what we have today. Despite these difficulties, they produced stained glass of incredible beauty and at Scottish Stained Glass we feel it is our duty to preserve and protect these works of art for all time.

Stained Glass Restoration due to Deterioration of Lead

Stained glass is actually a very durable material and while the stained glass on your Fort Worth home will not deteriorate over time (barring breakage) the lead, which holds the individual pieces of glass together, will. This is because lead reacts with both air and moisture to oxidize and becomes brittle.  Also, the weight of the glass and the support structures cause lead to sag over time. This process usually takes about 60 to 120 years so by the time your glass needs restoration it has usually reached antique status. This means restoring and/or repairing your home or church vintage stained glass is well worth your time and effort.

Hail Damage to Stained Glass

While hail is devastating to stained glass windows it is not something that cannot be remedied. Should you get hail damage on your Fort Worth church (and sometimes home) stained glass, we are a good partner to help you with repairs.  Our process is to remove the hail affected panels, match-up the glass and re-leaded the pieces before re-installing them. After we complete the job of repairing your hail damaged church stained glass we then add an extra protective measure of added less-breakable glass on the exterior of the church to prevent the same thing from happening again.

Wind Damage to Stained Glass

Older stained glass here in Fort Worth is typically built into parts of the home or church. If these windows are the originals (and were put in when the structure was built) they are usually not protected from the elements.  Besides hail, wind is one of the major causes of stained glass disrepair. Besides the obvious fact that wind causes objects to strike and break stained glass is the fact that wind can actually stretch the glass’s support structure.  This causes the lead to stretch and bow, giving a concave appearance to the stained glass.

Re-Leading to Restore Stained Glass

As mentioned above, the solution to many issues regarding stained glass windows is to re-lead the panel. Re-leading is the process of removing old lead and replacing it with new, better leading techniques and materials.  This also allows us to remove each piece of original glass and thoroughly clean them. After this process is complete, the look of the stained glass window changes dramatically–for the better. The stained glass in your Fort Worth home or church will look new, with incredible luster.

Exterior Protective Coverings for Your Stained Glass

Our aluminum framing systems are the perfect solution for defending your stained glass. These modern exterior protective coverings can be installed on any type of building and offer the benefit of following the lines and curves of your existing stained glass windows. This solution is similar to a commercial storefront system and can house different types of protective glass like plexiglass, tempered, plate, or laminate glass.

You can choose the finish for these systems as well – they’re available in dark bronze, white, metal finish, and custom colors. These systems have built-in internal ventilation through the framing so we no longer have to create custom ventilation through your existing frames or glass. This ensures the right amount of airflow for preventing heat build-up which accelerates damage.

Another great advantage to these systems is that they provide maintenance mitigation for your wooden window frames. Enjoy superior protection for your stained glass and your window frames, so you don’t have to repaint these periodically throughout the future. This permanent, long-term solution also offers the ability to easily remove and replace any damaged protective glass.