Dalle de Verre

Dalle De Verre Stained Glass

If you are interested in adding a Dalle Glass window to your building or are in need of Dalle de Verre restoration, Fort Worth Stained Glass would be delighted to assist with your project. Dalle de Verre produces an eye-catching aesthetic due to its colorful nature and unique ability to catch and refract light. The technique was originally developed by French artist Jean Gaudin in 1930, but became wildly popular in the United States during the 60s and 70s, particularly in the South and the West Coast.

Creating Dalle De Verre Stained Glass

The method for creating Dalle de Verre is similar to that of a mosaic and produces an intriguing abstract aesthetic. Large pieces of glass of various colors are cut from thick slabs, then shaped and chiseled with a hammer to create a faceted look. Then, the pieces are arranged into a design of the artist’s choosing. A combination of epoxy and sand are used to create a mortar which secures the glass in place. Lastly, more sand is added between the grooves to create a finished look. Dalle de Verre is lively and expressive. What’s more, it’s becoming increasingly rare. For this reason, many owners consider it to be their most precious and beloved work of art.
dalle de verre glass fort worth restoration

Dalle Glass Repair & Restoration

If you believe your Dalle Glass needs repairs, Fort Worth Stained Glass would be happy to consult on the restoration process. Restoration is often necessary for Dalle de Verre once it reaches an age of 50-60 years old. Mainly, this is because the epoxy mortar starts to weaken and crumble at this point. Additionally, individual pieces of glass may crack or come loose due to the settling of the building, seismic activity, or exposure to the elements.

Restoration allows Dalle Glass to remain structurally sound so that it does not become a safety hazard. Furthermore, by cleaning and removing the glass, its color and clarity is greatly improved.

We will most likely begin by removing one or two sections to start with. Once these sections are repaired, we can move onto the next. Completing the work in phases minimizes interruption to your day to day and allows the composition to retain its normal aesthetic.

First, we take apart the panel, then we remove all excess epoxy and sand. The edges are cleaned up and the glass is arranged according to the original design, and cemented in place using sand and epoxy, just like before. Though this process is time intensive, it is worthwhile because it ensures the conservation of your stained glass.

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