Stained Glass Styles

Custom Stained Glass Styles

Fort Worth has numerous architectural styles that can be complimented by a number of stained glass styles. Scottish Stained Glass can come to your Fort Worth home or office, view your existing decor, and suggest appropriate styles for your project. Because everything we do is custom and manufactured locally, we can also produce custom stained glass styles that match almost anything you can imagine.

Unparalleled Expertise in Crafting Customized, High-Quality Stained Glass for Homes and Offices

years experience designing and building stained glass for homes and offices,  Stained Glass Fort Worth can provide high quality, beautiful, and functional stained glass windows that meet your design and functional goals. Whether you are looking to mimic an established style, or create something original our team of experienced and talented stained glass designers will listen to your opinions and create customized options just for you.

We have experience working with all major stained glass styles, but the majority of our work is based on only a handful of historic and contemporary styles.

Popular Stained Glass Styles

Tiffany glass is based on the extraordinary work from the master artisan, Louis Comfort Tiffany who worked in Fort Worth and throughout the country near the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. His glass if famous for the use of natural colors variations in the stained glass to create natural looking and spectacular windows. Frank Lloyd Wright and Prairie Stained Glass are based on the design style popular in the western United States, including Fort Worth during the early part of the 20th century. They include the use of glass with earth tone colors and geometric shapes. Mackintosh Stained Glass was made popular by the many Scottish and Welsh who’ve moved into the Dallas/Fort Worth region over the centuries. Focusing on abstract geometric representations mostly natural mediums, Mackintosh is especially famous for his rose.

Contemporary Stained Glass Styles for Fort Worth's Modern Homes

While these historic styles are in historic and craftsman style homes, more modern homes in Fort Worth use what we call Contemporary glass styles. In general terms these styles rely heavily on beveled and textured glass, but include very little, if any, colored glass. Because consumer tastes change so often, we find that the contemporary, clear glasses, with traditional or celtic bevel cluster is a perfect compliment to most entryways or bathrooms, remaining beautiful and appropriate, regardless of what paint or carpet colors are used around it.

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No matter which intricate and captivating stained glass style captures your imagination for enhancing the aesthetics of your Fort Worth home or office, Scottish Stained Glass cordially invites you to grant us the opportunity to earn your valuable business, as we are committed to providing exceptional craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today via phone or email to conveniently schedule your complimentary and personalized in-home stained glass consultation, where our dedicated team will attentively listen to your vision and preferences.