Custom Designed Stained Glass for Homes and Offices in Garland Texas

In the beautiful Dallas/Fort Worth suburb of Garland TX, residents have an eye for style and design. We offer custom stained glass windows and doors that are designed to suit each client’s individual style. Whether a client is looking for an antique style of stained glass window, door, or cabinet in their home, a brightly colored stained glass window, door, sign, or backdrop in their business, we work together to create exactly what that client is looking for.

Some of the stained glass styles we work in include:

  • Antique
  • Floral
  • Celtic
  • Beveled Glass
  • Frank Lloyd Wright/Mission/Prairie
  • Charles Rennie Mackintosh
  • And many others stained glass styles

Residential Stained Glass for Garland Texas Homes

When we create a piece of custom designed and handcrafted residential stained glass, the process always starts with a visit to the client in their home. That client can look at many photos and examples of different styles and patterns to choose what will complement and elevate the home, whether the stained glass will be going in the entryway (including the sidelights, transom above the front door, or even the front door itself), the bathroom windows, or even in the kitchen cabinet doors.

Once the client has chosen the design they want and the colors or types of glass they want, we go back to our studio and begin production. The first step is to create a detailed blueprint for the construction of the stained glass window, using special CAD software to ensure a perfect rendering of the design.

Next, we order the materials if we don’t already have them on hand (clients have literally hundreds of colors and kinds of glass to choose from) and assign the window to one of our specially trained master artisans. He or she will build the stained glass panel, piece by piece, completely by hand with the ultimate attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. When the piece is fully assembled, soldered, and polished till it gleams, we will install it into the clients home. Our process might take a bit longer than the kind of stained glass you might get in a big box store, but our clients tell us the difference in beauty and quality makes the wait well worth it.

Commercial stained glass for Garland Texas businesses

We work with restaurants, offices, hotels, shops and salons, and any other commercial space or type of business. Stained glass can add uniqueness, memorability and distinctiveness, and a bright pop of color, style, and design to any commercial space. In Garland Texas, competition for the consumer’s dollar is strong. Creating an unforgettable ambiance, a mood, and a beautiful location can go a long way towards elevating a business head and shoulders over its competitors.

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Garland TX is home to the beautiful Spring Creek Forest Park Preserve, known for its towering trees, wildflowers, and picturesque creek, and the lovely White Rock Lake Park, known for the former reservoir that forms the centerpiece of this 1,873-acre open area. Residents of Garland enjoy all the benefits of a family-oriented suburban town and the close proximity to all the attractions Dallas has to offer. We offer many stained glass styles that bring the beauty of nature indoors. Contact us for more information.