Modern Ideas for Using Stained Glass in Your Fort Worth Home

stained glass fort worth home

Modern Ideas for Using Stained Glass in Your Fort Worth Home

Creating a beautiful home is about more than just selecting the right drapes, furniture, or flooring. It’s about finding ways to accentuate your home’s best features and giving each room a touch of character.

Adding stained glass to your Fort Worth home can create a very unique and alluring look. Stained glass windows can be a surprising yet charming addition to a home. Their vintage look makes a stark, yet stunning contrast when mixed with contemporary decor.

Adding a custom stained glass window to your kitchen, entryway, or interior can add color and style to your space and help you make an unforgettable first impression.

Modern Ways to Incorporate Stained Glass into Your Home

Here are a few different ways you can use stained glass in your Fort Worth home to create a beautiful interior.

1. Decorate your bathroom with stained glass artwork.
Create a relaxing spa like atmosphere for your bathroom by adding a stained glass hanging panel or window. Bright and colorful, stained glass artwork contrasts beautifully with porcelain and tile. By opting for a nature themed design or a piece with earth tones or ocean colors, you can create a soothing ambiance.

2. Use interior stained glass doors to section off areas of your home.
Do you ever wish certain areas of your home were sectioned off to eliminate noise or distraction, such as your dining room, study, or bedroom? By adding in stained glass interior doors between rooms, you can section off areas of your home without reducing the amount of light that comes into your space.

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3. Add height and depth to your kitchen.
Stained glass hanging lights, transoms, and ceilings are a great way to draw attention to the height of a room and add extra dimension.

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4. Make a knockout first impression.
Add stained glass sidelights to your entryway or a custom door with a stained glass insert in the middle to create a grand entrance and boost the curb appeal of your property.

Speak to a Designer

Get more ideas on different ways to decorate your Fort Worth home with stained glass. Call our office today to speak to a professional designer or get a quote for your project.

Martin Faith has dedicated his life's career to the study, preservation, and exploration of one of the world's most beautiful and rare forms of art. For the past 30 years, he has been running his stained glass studio based out of Fort Worth, Texas. Martin's company specializes in an array of stained glass styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary, including Mackintosh, Greene & Greene, art nouveau, art deco, prairie, beveled glass, and religious. He has personally overseen numerous restorations for churches during which rare and valuable glass was saved from extinction. Over the years, he and his team have produced over 50,000 stained and leaded glass windows for homes, churches, and buildings in Fort Worth and throughout the continental U.S.

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