Painted Glass

Painted Glass Windows

Forth Worth Stained Glass is the leading stained glass studio in Fort Worth that designs and manufactures painted glass windows and artwork. We create all different types of painted glass installations for homeowners, businesses, interior designers, architects, and religious institutions in Fort Worth. Some of our popular painted glass works include light fixtures, hanging panels, entryways, transoms, and full-size windows. Our artists have a vast amount of experience in working with painted glass as a medium as well as many other different types of glasswork. Our team has what it takes to create the perfect painted glass panel that meets all your design and building specifications.

About Our Design Process

All of the painted glass windows and panels that we create are fully custom designed. When you partner with us, you’ll be paired up with an experienced designer who will work with you on selecting the colors, shape, and overall appearance of your artwork. After your initial consultation, we’ll begin the construction process in-house.

All of the glass used in your panel will be hand selected by our team and is cut to match the original design precisely using a computer-generated template. Then, one of our artists will carefully apply layered paint to the glass to create the imagery, landscape, or design you requested. The panel goes through a glazing and leading process and then is carefully assembled for you to enjoy.

Painted Glass Applications

Painted glass brings beauty and elegance to any size or type of architecture. Over the past twenty-five years, our company has created many different types and styles of painted glass artwork. Some of the painted glass windows we’ve made for Fort Worth residents have been used in applications such as:
Churches, cathedrals & temples
Restaurants & museums
Hotel ceilings
Home entryways & kitchens
Bathroom windows
Many other applications

Get a Quote on Painted Glass in Fort Worth

If you would like to receive an estimate for your project or are interested in learning more about painted glass, please call our Fort Worth office. One of our staff members will be more than happy to provide you with additional information and talk to you about design ideas for your painted glass panel or window.