The Best Styles Of Stained Glass For Entryways

The Best Styles Of Stained Glass For Entryways

When it comes to stained glass–nothing beats the look of an entryway chocked full of it.  It is incredibly lovely and lets in just the right amount of light. Plus you can choose to have full or partial privacy looking out from your Fort Worth home.  While you may understand how valuable stained glass in the entryway of your home–what you may still not quite know is–what style of stained glass to get there.  The great thing is stained glass comes in so very many styles that you are sure to find something right for your Fort worth house. And happily, many stained glass designs go with many different types of homes.  Read below to find a fit for your home!

Top 3 Styles of Stained Glass For Entryways

  1. Beveled And Textured Stained Glass: Made by taking a thick clear glass and cutting it into different shapes with angles–beveled stained glass is simply stunning in an entryway.  Add to this the elegant look of textured stained glass that can vary in opacity and you have the right combination for the sidelight of your Fort Worth home. You get exactly the privacy level you need to protect those inside your home from unwanted protection.  Plus, the way the light shines through creates incredible prisms to fill your entryway with dancing light.
  2. Art Deco Stained Glass:  There is a resurgence of geometric art in the country right now and you can see it here in Fort Worth too.  Which is why Art Deco stained glass, that is filled with straight lines and mirror images–is perfect for any home–freshly built or vintage.  The patterns of yesterday are in again and look stunning matched with most style homes from craftsman to contemporary. Also, this type of glass is well sought after and likely to boost your resale value when you sell.
  3. Antique Style Stained Glass:  For those older homes that are hard to fit with any old stained glass patterns– antique style stained glass is the key.  We reproduce all types of antique styles and designs and have been doing so for over 25 years. Some notable antique styles are Craftsman, Greene and Green and Victorian-style stained glass–all very attractive and just right for vintage homes that want to keep that original feel.

 For more information about any style of stained glass–reach out to us here at Fort Worth Stained Glass to schedule a free design consult today!


Martin Faith has dedicated his life's career to the study, preservation, and exploration of one of the world's most beautiful and rare forms of art. For the past 30 years, he has been running his stained glass studio based out of Fort Worth, Texas. Martin's company specializes in an array of stained glass styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary, including Mackintosh, Greene & Greene, art nouveau, art deco, prairie, beveled glass, and religious. He has personally overseen numerous restorations for churches during which rare and valuable glass was saved from extinction. Over the years, he and his team have produced over 50,000 stained and leaded glass windows for homes, churches, and buildings in Fort Worth and throughout the continental U.S.

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